Why are you here?

To believe in politics

Nowadays most young people are not interested in politics and do not vote anymore. This is outrageous. We live in a democratic system that has shown its limits. But as long as we do not find a new system that works, it’s not a reason to abandon your country. The first duty of a citizen is to protect his country in case of war. How do you expect to protect your country if you do not even know against whom you are fighting and why?

To protect your mind

Technology has become part of us. Technology opened us up to the world. We can now get any information we want on the internet. I admit we can think of many positive aspects of technology. On another hand, we haven’t noticed how dependent on it we have become. When using technology, we’re getting sucked into the system that dictates our unconscious decisions. Technology is powerful and time-consuming and I think it’s time to develop smarter products designed for time well spent.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” — Unknown.