Who should be the next President of the French Republic?

Here we are. 57 days before the 2017 French presidential elections. The battle is far from being over.
Feb 26, 2017 | 6min read

Here we are. 57 days before the 2017 French presidential elections. The battle is far from being over. And we still cannot guarantee who’s the next French President. Needless to remind you those elections are happening in a historical context where the running President is not representing himself again. You have a strong far-right party with a big popularity. Reminding us of 2002’s elections. A conservative candidate who bluffed everybody at the right wing primaries. A ridiculous left wing primaries with a low participation and confusion on the results. A confirmation of the left wing disintegration. And as always, independent candidates. So here we are now with Le Pen, Fillon, Hamon, Macron and Melenchon. Left and Right. Right and Left. Those are the candidates who have a chance to become the next President of France.

In all countries and at every election, all candidates promise you the moon. All of them. They are confident, full of hope and with a plan. Yes, with a plan.  They guarantee full employment. Bring back the growth. Reassert the country on the European and international scene. Increases taxes or cut corporate taxes. Decrease public service employees. Increase the number of police officers. Decrease the number of teachers, etc. You know what? I won’t do the job for you, go and read their program. And to tell you the truth, being in France for the last 9 years. I haven’t seen any difference whatsoever. Whether it was Sarkozy or Hollande. Some minor laws affected me at some point but well, I’m still here, continuing my journey and surviving. Yes, I’m a normal and simple French (and Lebanese) citizen. I’m not always affected by the above. But I’m sure what could affect me, does not affect you or someone else with a different social status. And vice versa. This will never change until you bring some change to the system. I read about politics, go through each candidate program and follow their political interventions. When they start talking about finance, economics, etc. I don’t get it all. I mean they have economists and experts to help them build their program. How am I supposed to understand all of it? I still don’t get how there is no service to give you real life example of each measure. How each different program affects you, according to your social category, now, at the end of the presidential term and in 10 years. And at the end, depending on the context (recession, crisis, war, etc.), I truly believe each plan could be a total failure or total success.

That’s why I’m here to tell you there are more important subjects. Mainly more concrete projects that concern you in all kind of situations.

The environment should be part of the constitution

For a start, a candidate who talks about the environment and who has serious propositions for an ecological transition. It’s a fact today our planet is facing a global warming. And global destruction if we as human do not start to do something about it. I have to admit I only started recycling at home one year ago. But even if all the citizens of the world start recycling it won’t solve our problem. The system has to change. All politics, laws, governments, and especially companies must have ecological/environmental and responsible way of working, producing and building. We criticised Donald Trump for his statement on global warming. But if you think Barack Obama did anything for the environment, you’re wrong. He did not. He surely wanted to. But the lobby is so strong in the US that his hands were tied. It’s time for France and Europe to give the example. Let’s start working on an ecological and environmental transition. It’s a very long process, that’s why we have to start it right now. Stopping a nuclear power plant is not done in one day. And stopping all the nuclear power plants might not be the solution either. The same for coal factories. But finding a compromise with nuclear and more alternative/renewable energies is. It’s not only about power plants. It’s also about green infrastructure (buildings, streets, etc.), green cars, etc. Actually, I still don’t understand why we still have green political parties. The environment should be part of the constitution by default. The nuclear lobby is strong in France. It’s time to change and have an environmental/ecological lobby who will block all polluting manoeuvres. The environment should be the cornerstone of the program, the debate and the election. Because with a destroyed planet, cutting taxes and firing teachers would be the least of our problems. And unfortunately, at this stage, the environment has been left out of the election debate.

To change the laws to have a better and stronger EU

Then, a candidate who recognises the failure of the European Union and accept to redefine its laws. Yes, BREXIT happened and people were terrified. That’s normal because it was a jump to the unknown.  But almost one year later, we’re still here. Remember, we’re born to survive. The first car designed in 1886 had a top speed of 16km/h. Then when we developed the car engine to what we have today with a speed of 200km/h and more. So we created laws to control the speed and protect people’s lives. The EU is the exact same thing. When created, laws had to be written. And we decided those laws. Not we as citizens but our politicians. With BREXIT those laws changed. The EU has shown its limits and failed in many aspects. So now is time to change the laws to have a better and stronger EU. Part of this change is to finally have someone who considers Russia as a partner. Yes, a partner. A geostrategic partner. To have more cohesion in the international world and mainly within Europe. As far as I know Europe shares borders with Russia. It makes much more sense to have them as a partner. But no, we’re so duped and influenced we’d rather be a partner with Saudi Arabia who is much worse on human rights. Enough of double standards. Enough of criticism on Putin. Enough of NATO who has no more reason to exist, but only in a war mindset. Enough of missile defence complex at Russia’s doorstep. Enough of fighting Russia but working with them. Working together to fight the radical Islam from Syria to Europe. To end the war in Syria and everywhere else for the right reasons.

It’s our responsibility to help them

Finally, a candidate who still has some humanity in him and a heart. Yes, being President is a tough position, but it doesn’t mean becoming a monster. Because of proxy wars, millions of refugees flew from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. Without these wars, we wouldn’t have or need to face with this problem. With a stronger Europe and controlled borders either. But now is not the time for regrets. Now it’s time for actions. Refugees are all around the country in bad conditions. And not only in France. But we don’t want to take care of them and leave them to their fate. We are all responsible for this tragedy. So as a united country it’s our responsibility to help them. Until we figure out where they can stay and live. Even if it means going back to their home country (when the war is over there). I had tears in my eyes hearing the story of a woman who had a restaurant in Calais and five years ago refugees camped on her terrace. So fewer clients started coming to her restaurant. Today she’s unemployed and homeless. Is it her fault? No. Is it the migrants’ fault? No. It’s the government’s fault and their lack of action and involvement in their citizen’s life and concern.

There is no such thing as left or right when talking of our planet, other human being and European geostrategic partnership. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you’re black or white, left or right. I don’t care if you’re rich or poor. I don’t care if you’re an entrepreneur or a public service employee. I don’t care if you’re a teacher or a cop. As long as you take care of serious subjects as the environment, our planet, Europe and Russia, our neighbours, and humanity, our brothers and sisters.

That’s why Jean-Luc Melenchon should be the next President of the French Republic. So yes I say it out loud, I vote for Jean-Luc Melenchon in the first round of the 2017 French Presidential Election.

For non-French people, Melenchon is considered a far-left wing politician. Some say he’s a communist. If that makes me a communist, so be it. And to tell you the truth, I don’t give a damn.

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