Trump is an opportunity for a better world

The United States of America, this great country fighting for freedom and democracy abroad is in decline for many years now.
Nov 27, 2016 | 6min read

“The United States of America, this great country fighting for freedom and democracy abroad is in decline for many years now. I think it’s time they take care of themselves, their own people and country. Forget about us. Forget about Europe. Forget about Russia. Forget about the Middle East. Be selfish for once and listen to your citizens. I say it again, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be the next President of the United States of America. Neither should Donald Trump. But please, do not vote for Hillary only to vote against Donald. That’s the worse thing you can do for democracy and politics. But at the end, we all know who is the next President of the United States, and I think she will do a terrible job.”

This was the last paragraph of my first blogpost before the presidential elections I have to be honest with you. When I woke up on November 9th and read Donald Trump was the next President-elect, I was happy and relieved. Mainly because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. Because it would have meant more supremacy, more hegemony and more proxy wars in the Middle East. In other terms, more chaos. However, my first prediction was wrong. I’ll try to work on that. Promise.

Clinton for peace, Trump for chaos

As I was on holidays with my family, it was hard for me to follow the news of this “historical” elections. But wait, why historical? It’s not the first time a Republican wins an election. Is it because Trump was the candidate who had the least chance to win or because media were supporting Clinton and needed a new shocking headline? I personally think it’s the latter. Some media still in shock posted articles explaining how Clinton could still be elected. I still read articles about it today. And you know what? Shame on them. Those elections show how biased are the media and how their propaganda works. Brainwashing people and dividing them. All the media, even in Europe, were supporting Clinton and denigrating Trump as hell. So anybody who doesn’t follow politics will think the devil has become the next president of the USA. And the reactions of the world on the next day are a proof of that. Blaming the Americans on what they have done and how the world will suffer from it. Clinton for peace, Trump for chaos. Bullshit. Dear reader, one thing to learn from those elections is that media are corrupted. Media chose the information they want you to read and believe. Moreover, the 21st century became the century of disinformation. It is hard to follow up but all I’m asking is some openness and to question the information you read. My rule is to never stick to one source and definitely not trust the mainstream media.

How far away are we from this ideal today?

I consider Facebook the worse place to get information. Yet I only had time to scroll down my news feed, read some friends’ posts and skim some articles. And you know what? I was shocked. Shocked to read the hatred in the words of those who wanted Clinton as President. The same people who were against Trump for his racism and violence were the most racist and violent the next day. This is when I felt sad. Sad for us. Sad for humanity. This election shows the real problem we have in our society and how divided we are. I’m not a populist and definitely not a extreme right partisan. But I accept the outcome of the elections. I accept some people want protectionism, closed borders and put the illegal citizens out. Then, instead of blaming and whining, I dig deeper, do some research and try to understand. We live in a open world. Everybody wants democracy, freedom, open borders. Right? But let’s be realistic for a second. How far away are we from this ideal world today? Is it just because Donald Trump is the President-elect of the USA that our dream is broken? No! Trump is a proof we’re still dreaming and a lot still has to be done to get to this point. And first thing that comes to my mind is stopping wars. Dear reader, did you know President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, bombed seven countries in eight years? Just saying. And Hillary would have made this worse. Definitely not Donald.

Protectionism and isolationism. But why?

Let’s talk a bit about Trump’s statements. He wants to put America’s interest at first. Reduce the debts. He wants other countries to help the USA too. He wants to discuss NATO. Renegotiate the TPP deal. When we hear this people thinks protectionism and isolationism. But why? How is it wrong to put the country’s interest and its people before anything else? We can all be generous but deep inside we are all selfish too. Take Germany and Europe. Europe was built on Germany’s economy and development. You can’t deny Germany’s own interest before taking care of the rest. Germany has the lowest rate of unemployment, the best economy and a moderate cost of living. France, UK, Italy and Spain the complete opposite. Look at this terrible refugee crisis Europe is going through. Unfortunately, this is the most valid point of how selfish one could be. Yes we are all humans, yet we close our eyes to great problem our society is going through. Trump’s idea is simple. Control the borders. Make the economy great again by revitalizing the industry and employment. Deal with illegal immigrants in the country. I don’t see anything wrong with these measures. Many Europeans countries should do the same!

North America and The Others (NATO)

Now, I would like to talk about NATO as it concerns Europe, where I live. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, or how I put it North America and The Others. NATO made sense after the Second World War where central and Eastern Europe were completely destroyed. America allowed Europe to recover and rebuild. But what’s the reason for NATO today? First of all, some of NATO’s members are illegitimate in my opinion. Why?  Because a promise was made between George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would never expand into Eastern Europe and never get near Russia. So the latest countries who have joined in 2004 such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Romania, and if we go back to 1999 with Hungary and Poland shouldn’t be part of this “alliance”. And now Trump is telling Europe, this is not my problem anymore. And I agree. Just to give you an idea, USA’s defense budget is around 600 billion dollars. Russia’s budget is around 60 billion dollars. France and UK is 50 billion dollars. What a gap! Then we wonder how NATO missile defense system is at Russia’s door step. Only because the USA are still thinking Russia wants to invade Europe. Grow up people. Russia doesn’t care at all. Russia is only reacting to the mess the USA have created in Europe and the Middle East. Even worse Russia still has to suffer from the media propaganda as the aggressor! Latest propaganda? In France, on Sunday 20th November Francois Fillon has won the first round of the presidential primaries. He has said many times we need to work with Russia. And bam. Go ahead and read the French news attacking him for his close relations with Vladimir Putin. It’s sad. Very sad. The saddest part is Europe is not even taking into account this golden opportunity they have! Europe has been the puppet of the USA for too long. The USA want to break up with us but Europe doesn’t want to. Let go of them and let us as European rebuild Europe as we want. It’s also the golden opportunity for big nations like France, Spain, Italy to get back in the game. Even Eastern European countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary. Any country in Europe is capable. But it means we have to go through some protectionism and isolationism. We cannot build a strong Europe if all the members are weak. Now is time for sacrifices and reflexions to come back stronger.

In conclusion, the United States of America used to be a superpower but have now become a normal nation. Deal with it. Donald Trump characterises uncertainty. I admit it. But give him the benefit of the doubt. He could do great things for Americans citizens. And for the world. Or he could be worse than Clinton, Obama and Bush. I don’t know. Nobody knows. Only time can tell. But in the meantime, I beg you, stop judging every person who supports Trump and try to understand him or her. If you’re not too busy in your day to day life, sit with him or her and talk it over. This would be your small contribution of making the world a better place.

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